Soaking up the sun

Hello everyone. I’m back! El Salvador (where I live) is the country of the eternal summer. There is a rainy season but it’s always sunny and hot. We salvadorans are always in beach/pool/tanning mode ON. So, honouring this whole-year-summer and … Continue reading

Support small businesses on Black friday

Hi everyone! I love this scarf and you can get it today with the Black Friday deals I prepared for all of you. Go to my Etsy Shop and support small businesses like mine. You can find infinity scarves, pillow covers/cases … Continue reading

Excellence is not an act, but a habit

Hello everyone! I found this quote on Pinterest and I cannot express how difficult it is to me to realize that my mistakes will take me to excellence. When I encounter with a struggle I freak out. Last week, when … Continue reading


Hello everyone. Last year I learned how to sew, went to classes and spent my time sewing at home. It helped me to strengthen my patience and let go of the stress I was going through because of my day job. A … Continue reading