Everything that is thrown at us is an opportunity to rise out of the well we are in

Hello everyone. Last week I read this amazing article and felt very inspired by it. It’s a story about surpassing adversity and reaching for a new horizon.

A mexican teacher, Sergio Juárez Correa, working in scarcity managed to learn new teaching methods through the Internet and helped his students to reach new levels of understanding. This caught the attention of the whole country and now they are known as “geniuses”.

What I loved about this article was a short story the teacher told the kids:

“One day, a burro (donkey) fell into a well, Juárez Correa began. It wasn’t hurt, but it couldn’t get out. The burro’s owner decided that the aged beast wasn’t worth saving, and since the well was dry, he would just bury both. He began to shovel clods of earth into the well. The burro cried out, but the man kept shoveling. Eventually, the burro fell silent. The man assumed the animal was dead, so he was amazed when, after a lot of shoveling, the burro leaped out of the well. It had shaken off each clump of dirt and stepped up the steadily rising mound until it was able to jump out.

Juárez Correa looked at his class. “We are like that burro,” he said. “Everything that is thrown at us is an opportunity to rise out of the well we are in.”

So, if they could strive to overcome their difficulties I can do it too. I am a human being created by the same substance, I am a spiritual and noble being. I can defeat my ego and excel myself, letting go my fears and mistakes.


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