Excellence is not an act, but a habit

Hello everyone! I found this quote on Pinterest and I cannot express how difficult it is to me to realize that my mistakes will take me to excellence. When I encounter with a struggle I freak out. Last week, when I was sewing some scarves for my Etsy Shop a part of the sewing machine fell to the floor, when I picked it up I noticed something from that piece was missing, I was completely sure something was missing! I started looking through the room, picking everything up, but had no success. I was desperate to find it. And suddenly it came to my mind: “Maybe this is a sign telling me sewing is not my thing”. Well, If I am going to put an end to this project at least I will try to use my machine without the missing part and see what happens, I said. But when I started sewing, and put everything back together I realized nothing was missing!

Therefore, instead of falling into despair and quickly deciding to quit, I have to find a way to always remind myself that no matter what problems I bump into, I have to keep trying and trying because excellence is not an act, but a habit.



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