Hello everyone. Last year I learned how to sew, went to classes and spent my time sewing at home. It helped me to strengthen my patience and let go of the stress I was going through because of my day job. A few months ago I opened my Etsy shop Fresco as I wrote in my first post and I am dedicated full time to this.

So, the name of this adventure is called “Don’t stop sewing (believing)”. This name is a statement that I should never give up. I am still learning to determine which are the best products people like and are willing to buy. I am still learning to explore my creativity. I am still learning to not feel ashamed when people look at my products because I feel they’re not good enough. I am still learning to sew and practice without focus on the outcome. I am still learning how to trust my self and let go of the heavy burden fear means.

And to look at the name of this blog, which is the name of my adventure as well, helps to remind me that the consequences of this battle are greater than me and will build my soul eternally.

Have you ever feel this way? How did you struggle with this feelings? Tell me in the comments!

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